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Passion for Precision

Blaser R8 Chassis

New experience of precision

Those who know the Blaser R8 Repertier appreciate it for its modularity and outstanding precision. However, as passionate hunters and long range shooters, we were faced with the problem that the hunting stocks are not suitable for sport shooting. 
So we decided to develop a Blaser R8 stock system and thus create the perfect symbiosis between hunting and sporting rifle.

Our Blaser R8 Chassis makes it possible to raise the range of applications of the Blaser R8 to a new level. Whether for hunting or for precise sporting shooting, thanks to the GS-BPC I chassis, there is no longer any need to compromise.

Compatibility with the XTN interface of the MDT rear shafts and the MDT ESS front shafts also ensures maximum individuality.


Out of the enthusiasm for the Blaser R8 and the unconditional desire to use it not only for hunting but also for long range shooting, we decided to develop a chassis due to the lack of alternatives. The chassis should meet the sporting requirements and allow the full potential of the Blaser R8 to be exploited.
The first prototype of the GS-BPC I was quickly created and extensively tested under all conceivable hunting and sporting conditions. A total of over 2000 rounds were fired in calibers up to .338 Lapua Magnum at long range events and domestic shooting ranges.

The precision potential of the Blaser R8 unleashed by our chassis surprised us greatly. Scattering circles smaller than 2mm at 100 meters can be achieved just as effortlessly with the appropriate handload as steel gongs at distances of up to 2 kilometers.

These results and the experience of all shooters involved in the tests make us proud to offer this unique stock system now ready for series production.


Discover the unprecedented possibilities of your Blaser R8.

The perfect fit

The perfect shoulder fit is ensured by the use of MDT's versatile adjustable buttstocks. Our Blaser R8 stock is matched to the XTN interface of the MDT stocks, offering unique choices.

We recommend the models:
SRS -XF – Folding Stock
SRS – X Elite – Fixed stock

The Heart

The Blaser R8 main Body is the heart of the Chassis. It combines elegant design and functionality. Thanks to its aluminum construction, it also offers maximum precision and stability.
The main body is designed for the Blaser R8 Professional and Professional Succsess systems. The two trigger variants are of course compatible and can still be used.




The perfect gripp

In addition to a versatile adjustable stock, the grip is also crucial for optimal control over the precise shot. Even though our system is compatible with most AR-Stile grips without Beavertail, we rely on the models:

GRADUS from FAB Defence

TDX-0 from ErgoGrips

Versatile forends

For the perfect finish, in addition to the forends of the ESS series from MDT, you can also choose our open forend.

Thanks to the M-LOK system, both variants can be equipped with a wide range of convenient, customized accessories.

For the ESS forends, we recommend the lengths 12 and 15 inches in connection with the No-Rail or the Partial-Rail version.

For high scope mounts, on request also the
Full- Rail version can be realized.

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